Praise for Singing Green

  "Listening to Singing Green, I closed my eyes and was amost immediately carried into the sacred realm of plant spirits. Leontine, a renowned practitioner of sacred plant medicine, has channeled the sacred healing music of the plants through her divine voice and brings it forth for all to hear. Serene, healing and powerful, Singing Green is a joyful musical journey into the green nations,"
Rosemary Gladstar, author and herbalist, founder of Sage Mountain,

"Uplifting, soothing, healing music! Beautiful to listen to!, "
Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Journeying, and other titles, internationally known shamanic teacher,,

"Mystical Illuminations....."I'm a painter and I come to this music from a visual perspective. Like many artists, I use music as an inspiration to conjure images that flow from the rhythms and melodic verses I hear. "Singing Green" is a wonderful blend of mystical chants that have me traveling in a spiritual mind scape that leads in many painterly directions. Even when you listen to the same piece a second time, it evokes new patterns and allusions in my imagination, and that's the food for my creative process. So I highly recommend this rich and bountiful set of songs to all who look to music for inspiration in their life."
Dean Nimmer, renowned visual artist, is the author of Art from Intuition; Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts College of Art; and recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Teaching of Art Award.

"As the result of what is obviously an inspired collaboration, Leontine Hartzell anad Charlie Braun have created a beautiful CD, "Singing Green: Songs From The Plant Spirits." The music is deply relaxing as it transports one magically from the sometimes repressing chaos of daily life into the world of nature's magnificant gift to us...the plant kingdom."
Richard Whiteley, author, Fortune 500 consultant and speaker,,