Each of the songs on Singing Green: Songs From the Plant Spirits, was channeled from a particular group of plants in one of the four seasons of the year. The language of the plant spirits carries the message of the plants and the vibrational healing they carry. Each song and each plant group has a message that Leontine experienced while channeling the songs.
During four recording sessions at Earthdance Studio's large umbrella barn in Plainfield, MA, Leontine would begin in prayer and meditation, aligning her energies and calling to the plant spirits to bring their healing songs and messages through her. Then she would wait for a brief period and be drawn in a shamanic journey to a group of plants and the song of those plants would begin to flow through her. While singing in spirit language of sounds and tones, Leontine would understand the message from the plants and feel their blessing through each song.
Shamans and healers have sung the songs of the plants, rocks, elements, the ancestors and helping spirits since ancient times to connect with the healing vibrations and wisdom of the spirits of all of life that are here to help and support us humans on our souls' journeys. The songs of the plant spirits have been important for healers to know so that the energies of the plants can connect with us to heal us. By listening to these songs on Singing Green, you can benefit from the healing power of the plants that share this planet with you and want to help you be in balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

1. Alpine Flowers: Summer

“We give our lives for you, to make this beautiful garden on earth. We create an energy that weaves with all the pure energies of the planet. Appreciate us, we love you! All plants are here to help you to know who you really are – Divine Blossoms. We sing as our gift to the world, to you.” - A message from the Alpine Flowers speaking for all plants.
This is the song of a summer high alpine meadow of flowers high above the tree line in northern Montana. The message from the Alpine Flowers continues:
" We will tell you our story. We bloom , even thought no human sees us, because the vibration we create is a very important part of the matrix of light energy in this garden of earth so that you souls of God can actualize yourself. Our seeds are ancient and bloom here brought by the wind. We grow where we have grown for centuries in the places of our ancestor seeds. Each of us is part of the family. Each one of us gives off a beautiful vibration with our composition and color. Each flower family sings in this meadow high up on the mountain." You too are part of this family.

2. Ripe Grains and Grasses: Autumn

This song carries the energies of the full ripe grains and grasses, ready for harvest. It carries the vibrations of the feminine fruitful energy of the fully grown grain and the energies of the supportive masculine stalks and vitality of plant structure that enables the grain or grass plant to grow to fullness and ripeness. The masculine support for the feminine to blossom and give birth.The spirit of generosity and of connection with all of life is the message of these ripe grains and grasses, full of nutrition and energy for the health of those who eat them as they feed the nations on earth.

3. Red Maple Leaf Journey: Autumn
The vibrant red maple leaf tells of its journey from its mother tree. In the story song of its feeling its inner power, intentionally releasing from the mother tree when the time is right, and falling freely, dancing through the air, then resting in power and potency in a gorgeous carpet with the other red leaves, the red maple leaf shares the power of gentle releasing and resting with release, all done with a sense of delight and sweetness.

4. Orchard Celebration: Spring
The spring energy of emerging growth and rejoicing comes through this song from an orchard of apple trees opening up in blossom while beneath them a meadow of wild flowers blooms in color, full of sunshine. This energy of new birth emerging, of the delight of opening with your individual color and scent after a time of hibernation and rest, of the joy of community blossoming together, this is the spirit of this song of joyful celebration.

5. Song of Rosa Rugosa: Summer
In the full light of a mid-summer sun, Rosa Rugosa, know by the common name Beach Rose, extends its rosy petals emitting its delightful fragrance into the air. Delighting in its life, in its existence, it knows the beauty it contributes to the world. When the rain falls, it drinks it in, deeply enjoying the nourishment and the shift from hot sunshine to cooler rainwater and clouds. The message that if we live like the rose, enjoying what comes, blooming in our uniqueness, knowing we are a beautiful sweet part of a greater whole, is the gift of the beach rose for us. Live as the sweetness you are, open to the sun and the rain, don't hold back. Live!

6. Harmony of the Plants: Autumn
This song carries the energy of the web of light that connects all of life, the plants, the animals, the elements, all of humanity.The plants sing the energy of the connection of all of life, they sing through Leontine of the lines of light that flow through all of life connecting everything together in divine light. The plants sing of the healing energy of the plant kingdom that makes the great garden on earth, which supports all of life, which loves all of life, especially you.

7. Spring Awakening: Spring
The melodies of the rising energies of all the plants as they awaken and begin to grow in the spring fill this song. This is the song of nature as it opens and rises to the warm spring sun and drinks the cool spring rain. The spring energy of vitality and exhuberance plays through the spirit language of the song. The message from the plants in this song is of the joy of connection, their connection with each other and with all of life, with all of humanity. Their energy supports and encourages our new energence each spring, our moving through the frozen mud of our own shadow issues and fears to emerge with new growth, new buds into the sunshine of our potential.

8. Seeds Dream of Growing: Winter
This song brings the energy of formation, of dreaming, of imagining with trust in the manifestation. It bring the energy of holding hope when all is dark. It is the song of the seeds during their winter rest, dreaming of all they wish to grow to be in the spring, summer and fall. The seeds sing of their dreams, of growing tall and green, of blossoming and bearing fruit, of maturing into their full potential. The energy of their song is to inspire us to dream of all that we can be and to trust that we can grow into splendor with the support of all of nature and the energies of love.

9. Flower Garden Lullaby: Late Summer
The sweet flow of the fulfillment of full growth, of enormous blooming, that is the vibration of love that comes through this lullaby of the flowers. Imagine a huge garden of late summer flowers in full bloom. Imagine the sun shining down, birds singing, butterflies flying among the flowers. Now imagine yourself sitting in the middle of this sunny bright garden on a grassy lawn. Imagine the flowers singing to you. Imagine them singing how much they love you, how you too can blossom with color and fragrance, with joy and uninhibited delight.

10. Eastern Tree Canopy Song: Late Summer
The tall trees of New England sing a song of their community, their undulating canopies of foliage sliding over the hillsides and mountains, along the lakes and rivers, across the sides of meadows and roads. The unity of their leaves seen from above creates a varied and unified carpet of healing green energy, this song carries that energy.

11 .Blessings of Joy: Spring
The sweet harmonies of the spirits of nature, of all the plant families, join together in this song to bring you the healing power of growing and knowing that you are loved, that you are part of a grand whole community that grows and blossoms in love and bears seed and new fruit for the future. You are one of the shining ones, as we all are. Be the joy that you are made of.

All vocals by Leontine Hartzell
Arranged, Recorded and Produced by Charlie Braun
Original vocals recorded by Chris Galanis at Earthdance, Plainfield, MA
Mastered by Danny Bernini at Spirit House Studio

Great gratitude to the Divine Creator of Love and Light, all my spirit guides, the lovely green nations, my chldren who reflect the light of God so brilliantly, my parents who lovingly support me every step of my journey, and to all my teachers, family and friends who dance with me on this path of Light. - Leontine

My deepest appreciation to all who inspired me throughout the creation of this music, and the spirit tha guided the melodies in my ears. - Charlie

A portion of the proceeds from this CD will be donated to United Plant Savers for the preservation of indigenous plants, www.unitedplantsavers.org