Leontine Hartzell

Leontine Hartzell is a shamanic energy healer, sound healer, plant spirit medicine practitioner, psychic intuitive coach, flower essence therapist, herbalist, Reiki master, spiritual teacher, writer and ordained interfaith minister. She is the founding director of The Eye of the Eagle Center for Spiritual Light in Andover, Massachusetts where she works with clients in her private healing and coaching practice, both in person and long-distance, and teaches classes in shamanic and spiritual practices. She specializes in soul retrieval, karmic clearing, sound healing, energy balancing and psychic coaching.
She has always loved to sing and in 1995 when she began studying shamanism with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies she started spontaneously channeling songs from the helping spirits. Since then she has had the honor of singing the songs of many spirits and works especially closely with the spirits of the plants and flowers. She has studied with shamans and healers from Native American nations, Canadian First Nations, Educador, Peru, Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, several African tribes, as well as other cultures. Through her shamanic and spiritual studies and practices she has learned how to connect with the healing vibrations of the many helping and compassionate spirits in our universe. As a sound healer she uses toning and sounds created with her voice to bring healing to her clients with the empowerment of her helping spirits.
You can learn more about Leontine and her healing work and upcoming workshops and Shamanic Light Healer Training Program at www.eyeofeagle.org or by contacting her at info@eyeofeagle.org.

Charlie Braun

In his recording studio, Other Side Of The Tracks Studio, Charlie Braun writes, records, arranges, and produces music; he also teaches guitar and singing- harmony and rhythm. Extensive travels, and years of producing music with players from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, form the foundation from which Charlie Braun creates original, contemporary songs and sound-scapes in genres including folk, pop, gospel, new age/meditative, blues, and country.
You can listen to the music, purchase CD’s, download songs, hear his music and music he’s produced for other artists, and contact the studio at www.charliebraun.com.