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  The vibrations of light that flow through the flowers and plants in our earth's garden uplift the human spirit and heal us. The sacred plant songs on Singing Green: Songs From the Plant Spirits are sung in shamanic spirit language, which connects the listener through sound and tone to the subtle energies of the plants and aligns spirit to soul. The melodies deepen our connection to the harmonies of light and divine love. They are a gift for you from the plant spirits. These songs bring healing to the listener on the physical, mental and spiritual levels and connect you more strongly to the web of light that holds you in love.

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 Singing Green-Songs From The Plant Spirits
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Singing Green- Songs From The Plant Spirits

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Singing Green-Songs From The Plant Spirits
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  Singing Green: Songs From the Plant Spirits is the first album by shamanic sound healer Leontine Hartzell and musician Charlie Braun. The songs are channeled by Leontine from the spirits of different plants throughout the four seasons of the year and bring the healing vibrations of the plants through sound and tone to an audible level.
The spirits of the plants asked Leontine to channel their song vibrations so that people could hear them and receive the healing benefits of nature directly through music. Charlie arranged the chants and added instrumentation to create flowing, rhythmic songs.
All the plants that live on our planet give off vibrations of energy that automatically help to heal and align humans and animals. Plants of all kinds, including trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and grasses are designed to assist humans and animals in our physical, emotional and spiritual evolution by supporting us with their vibrational healing. While most people are unaware of the vibrational resonance that plants emit, shamans and healers throughout the ages have been able to communicate with the spirits of plants and have understood that humans and animals have benefited from the many healing vibrations given from the plant world. Through the four seasons of the year the plants also give off different healing vibrations to help people align with the shifting of the seasons and the movement of the planetary energies.