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 Star Bear Medicine
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Star Bear Medicine

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 Star Bear Medicine
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Star Bear Medicine

This album consists of channeled healng songs from the star constellations and healing bear spirits. The Big and Little Dipper, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, constellations feature prominently. Listen to samples of the songs on the CD page and allow the healing energies to flow into you!

      On a summer afternoon with the bright Montana sky overhead I visit a grizzly bear rescue center. I turn to leave and the grizzly I have been watching for an hour sends me a message: “You can sing our songs.” I am astonished and deeply touched.
Two months later, after extensive preparation, I put on the costume I made a dozen years earlier to honor bear and my ancestral spirits. Star and bear spirits surround me, I hear them singing and allow the songs to flow through my voice. This album is the result. The songs were channeled and recorded to a basic beat dictated by the spirits, in one take, to preserve the energetic power of their original vibrations. Tuning into the sounds and essence of these vocals, Charlie Braun discovered the music within the chants. He then composed the songs, and they were arranged with the instrumentation that brought out their energy and beauty.
      These songs bring the energies of the exquisite love of the universe that is designed to help us live in the fullness of joy and delight. They are the sounds of healing love from the compassionate bear spirits, the light of the Big and Little Dipper constellations, the star Sirius, and all the constellations in our galaxy.
I learned as I sang that the bears on our planet are intimately connected to the stars overhead, especially to the constellations we call the Big and Little Dippers, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Bears embody the energy of healing light that the stars overhead beam outward. This light carries the love of the divine to all of life. This light clears and aligns our bodies, hearts and minds so that we can continue to keep moving closer and closer to being love. The entire terrestrial and heavenly environments are designed to support our evolution in every way.
       These songs are sung in the language of the heart, the language of sound without words; I call it “spirit language.” These sounds come
from the heart of the world and through my heart, to yours. My wish is that these songs bring you healing and open your heart to the love that is all around and within you. – Leontine Hartzell