From the recording Star Bear Medicine

Blessings of Ursa Major
Activates and Heals Consciousness
Visualize that you are sitting on the earth in the circle of bear spirits. Feel the light beams from the stars of the Big Dipper flowing down to you. This light is made for you. Open your cells and let the light pour into you. Drink the star elixir, which strengthens all the spirals of energy within you. This bright river sings into your soul. It is the nourishing honey of the heavens, all for you. The Dipper bowl collects the energy of all the constellations. Feel the brightness in your heart. With this light all the wavelengths of light flow into you. The river of rainbow light flows from the bowl of the Big Dipper into and around you, filling your head and body with a magical infusion of divine healing. Allow yourself to awaken!