1. Little Dipper

From the recording Star Bear Medicine

Little Dipper
Balances Feminine and Masculine Energies
The sweet stars of the little sister bear pour their love into you. The dancing rainbow lights of life force energy flow to you in a rhythm that matches your heartbeat and the heartbeats of the bears on earth. Aligned in a perfect spiral of co-creating wisdom and love, your whole being vibrates with the synchronized rhythm of love from the divine source of all light. Imagine a bright pink light pouring down out of the bowl of the Little Dipper. This pink light merges with the purple light of the Big Dipper creating a vibrant violet light that flows in an infinite stream into your crown chakra and directly into your heart, filling you with love. Violet light is the color of connection with divine consciousness. This light connects the heart to the head and pineal chakra, uniting your inner feminine and masculine energies and uniting your consciousness with the divine.